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# STRONG BUT KIND - 3 simple things that make workers respect you.

Updated: Mar 20

Regardless if you're a boss or a worker, and whatever is your personality type (extroverted/introverted, agreeable/dissagreable, etc), one cannot overemphasise the essence and relevance of establishing yourself as a respectful person that can be taken seriously.

Given this, we will walk you through 3 of the simplest things regarding good manners that go a long way to establish as a a respectful human being without sacrificing being friendly or working in a relaxed atmosphere.


By friendly, I mean that you establish eye contact and exchange handshakes. By doing so, you create an ambience of solidarity and respect. I also recommend that as soon as you notice some tension among the workers, to include a little bit of humour as long as it is respectful and sober.

Why? Even though you want to establish yourself as a serious worker, you don't want that to narrow your communication with other workers. When you aren’t too uptight, your people will be more open and confident in expressing their ideas to you. As such, it is important to create a convenient and safe atmosphere for the worker to express his ideas and perspective. A safe environment is the first step in getting the workers to actually “think” the job alongside you.


Always Introduce yourself to new people a in the starting of the day. Workers will feel closer to you and have a greater purpose to work for you. You could use a format of saying:

Along the way we've noticed a situation happening a few times: Some bosses, when visiting sites, tend to prioritise greeting and giving all the attention to clients and completely disregard (or even being disrespectful) with their own workers.

As a rule of thumb: Treat all people equally.

Everyone (even the clients) will have more respect for you if you do so. Guaranteed.


Companies may get big, or may use labour hire. It can cause you to have new teammates often. Try to remember the worker’s names as much as you can.

Since you exchange names, it is vital to remember your workers’ names. It is a

A person’s name is their favourite word.

Try to remember the worker’s names as much as you can. It is a sign that you actually care about them. If you have a problem remembering names, then you can improvise. For example, you can suggest everybody wear name tags. Of course, this can be considered cheating, but even so, it will increase the faith and respect your workers put on you.

Conclusion. These tricks will highly increase the respect/professional you are.