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Learn how to distinguish a mere money-making system from an actual company, and learn how to create one.

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"A company is a group of people brought together around a common set of values and beliefs."

That is the definition by Simon Sinek, author of many best selling books about leadership.

The question is: Do you have a company?

Does you and your workers have a common set of values and beliefs? If you do, you'd be a member of a rare company in the construction industry.

The rareness ins understandable. It's pretty hard to develop a "vision, mission, values" statement when we're doing jobs that may sound a bit dull, like stacking bricks, painting walls, moving dirt, welding, etc, all while employing mean looking labourers and tradies that cannot care less about "leadership bullsh*t".

Maybe our fellow tradies building/renovating homes or doing the landscape for beautiful looking gardens have a better chance doing that...

I am not writing this to guide you on how to come up with those, but to suggest you one thing and one thing only:

A beautiful house and the slogan " Houses with souls" on top.


There is one thing you can say about human beings - we like to feel part of something. We choose football teams, we go to churches, we join clubs etc, all to chase the feeling of belonging.

If you do nothing else but create a company something that workers are proud of be a part of, you will be winning. You can believe us, we speak from experience.

Spades were created by construction workers and at the beginning all we had was brotherhood and we still have it to this day (we establish more values along the way but this is a different post)

To have a true team, it starts with a simple step: Have empathy.


Empathy is the greatest ways to create leadership.

Explain here how empathy works

As much as possible, create a environment that workers feel compelled to share what they want for their personal future and the company's future. Ask your workers what they value and truly listen.

look after them, and get them to look after each other. So little people do it that it may sound strange at the start, but it can only bring you positive.

results in the long run. Besides that, valuing your workers is a incredible market advantage, considering that most companies doesn't do it.

A illustration expresses friedship - like one big family

The culture of caring for each other is the first thing to create a true team, instead of just having a bunch of individuals


Despite all mistakes that can occur in the field, you need to understand that all unforeseen issues are left for you to handle. Your professional competence and capability are at test in such cases and you should be empathetic while handling such issues.

A illustration expresses something went wro

Even more important, you should remain humble enough to admit that you made mistakes or you did not communicate well enough.

Remember to always be respectful towards your workers, regardless of your frustration and disappointments. As far as possible, keep your emotions at bay. Make use of assertive communication and above all, know how to forgive, accept and handle the feedback with responsiveness.


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